Due to the decrease in the volume of work last year, Lithuanian Post suffered losses in the amount of 6.4 million. The company intends to raise tariffs and lay off 600 employees, writes Delfi.lt.

Representative of the trade union of workers of the communication system of Lithuania Regina Dvarzheckite She said that this possibility has been talked about for a long time. According to her, one of the reasons is to reduce the workload on the institution and optimize processes.

“This is mainly due to a reduction in the number of parcels. We speak to union members who work at the post office, and they say that there used to be a huge amount of packages from China. Last year they became less, and in the fall – very few. The workers themselves say that there is not much work,” said Dvarzheckite.

She recalled that such conversations only began at the height of the conflict between Lithuania and China over Taiwan. “There has been a decrease in the number of parcels from China. But this does not mean that the number of sent goods has decreased. There is a work. 600 is not all postal workers. Many will stay and work,” explained Regina Dvarzhetskite.

In total, 4,000 people work in the Lithuanian Post. “Most of all, this will affect those who work with parcels – customer service, postmen, distributors. Due to the decrease in volumes, administration is also reduced, there is less work, ”said Dvarzheckite.

According to her, there will be layoffs in post offices both in cities and in the regions. How should mail be changed? As for the trade union, this should first of all be the improvement of working conditions. And they are indeed improving, but I would like it to happen faster. Technical means, organization of working time, and most importantly – wages. It depends on the levels, in many systems it is a little more than the minimum. Each increase in the minimum wage in the state is a reason for revising salaries in the Lithuanian Post company, ”said the representative of the trade union.


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