Lithuanian deputies proposed to rename the Russian Federation to Muscovy

Representatives of the legislative branch of power are discussing the renaming of the Russian Federation in a structural subdivision of the Lithuanian Parliament under the sonorous name “Committee of the Future”, the press service of the Seimas Office reported today, May 19.

Chairman of the Committee Raimundas Lopata believes that in order to give solidity to the forthcoming decision under the roof of parliament, it is necessary to gather reputable historians and organize a discussion. Lopata called the issue of renaming the Russian Federation “very important”:

“Given the historical context of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the members of the committee intend to propose calling that country Russia or Muscovy.”

In the Seimas, without any reason, it is considered that Lithuania is the direct successor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, although there are no direct convincing historical confirmations of this view. Also, nothing is known yet about the reaction of Western partners to the Lithuanian proposal.

As previously reported EADaily deputies of the Lithuanian Parliament appealed to the State Language Commission with a request to change the current Lithuanian version of the name Kaliningradаs to Karaliaučius – Karalyaučius.

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