Lithuania wants to extend the state of emergency on the border with Belarus

The Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior proposes to extend the state of emergency on the borders with Russia and Belarus until March 16, 2023. The corresponding bill was registered on 29 November.

According to the project, the state of emergency should remain in sections of the Lithuanian border near the state border with Belarus, with the Kaliningrad region of Russia and at checkpoints located outside the territory of the Lithuanian border. In it, as well as in the current resolution of the Seimas, it is proposed to ban the entry into the territory of Lithuania of Russian citizens who do not meet the criteria of the government. A similar decision taken in September expires on 16 December.

Recall that Lithuania has declared a state of emergency on the border with Belarus in connection with the migration crisis that broke out in 2021. After the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, Vilnius tightened measures against Russian citizens. In addition, the Lithuanian authorities plan to extend their sanctions to Belarusians arriving in Lithuania.

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