Lithuania is preparing to send two more shipments of military aid to Kyiv

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said that Vilnius is preparing new deliveries of military aid to Ukraine. According to Anusauskas, these are two deliveries, writes “Countries are preparing or sending new shipments of military support to Ukraine. Lithuania is also preparing, which will be announced after the completion of preparations. These will be the 29th and 30th shipments from Lithuania, counting from February,” Anusauskas wrote on the social network. He recalls that the most significant package of military assistance to Ukraine came from the United States, which also helps Kyiv with weapons from Germany, Great Britain and other states. So far, Lithuanian military assistance to Ukraine has included Stinger air defense systems, anti-tank weapons, body armor and helmets, 120mm mortars, small arms, ammunition, thermal imagers, anti-drone weapons, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, and the Bayraktar drone. TB2 with ammunition. In addition, Lithuania previously transferred to Ukraine about 20 M113 armored vehicles. Anusauskas mentioned that another 10 such armored vehicles would be handed over to Kyiv. It is also planned to provide Ukraine with imitation cartridges, explosives and smoke bombs.

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