Liposuction did not save Semenovich from extra pounds

prt scr |  Anna Semenovich
prt scr | Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich, a former member of the Brilliant group, said that after liposuction she gained ten kilograms. The singer shared this information during a conversation with blogger Olga Chebykina on the YouTube channel “It’s not customary to discuss”.

For many years, the artist has struggled for a slender body. The star even decided to take the help of doctors and went for liposuction. She also used strict diets and even reduced her breasts.

“When I decided to reduce my breasts, I had a quirk, I worked it out with a psychologist. It seemed to me that my breasts were too big, and they overshadowed me. Of all the irons about the chest. I ran to reduce this breast, ”Semenovich explained.

At the same time, after all these tests, the artist still gained ten kilograms. However, according to the singer, she feels comfortable and she is “cool”.


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