Life found out how TSUM sells five-year-old collections at the price of new ones

Due to sanctions, Russian stores are experiencing a shortage of items from the latest fashion collections. But in the Central Department Store, it seems, they found a way out. As Life found out, things from collections as much as 5-6 years ago are often put up for sale there. And the cost corresponds to the level of new ones.

One of the employees of the Central Department Store told how sellers are trying to convince buyers to buy old things at the price of new ones.

“The sheepskin coat is seven years old, it costs 700 thousand. The aunt is like this:” Damn, it’s cool, but I need to consult with my stylist, otherwise the price tag is expensive. half an hour later, he sends a screenshot from some site – this sheepskin coat is 170 thousand. Writes: “How to understand this?” the girl recalls.

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