Libyan 6+6 Committee announces consensus on upcoming national elections

Global Look Press |  K. Wothe/blickwinkel
Global Look Press | K. Wothe/blickwinkel

Buznik, 25 May. The Libyan 6+6 Joint Committee, represented by members of parliament and the Supreme Council of State (SSC), announced that it had reached full agreement on the points of the legislative framework of the electoral process related to the election of the country’s president and members of the National Assembly. About it reported Omar Boulifa, head of the delegation from the HCV, in the final statement after the meeting of the association in Morocco.

Thus, the possibility of simultaneously organizing parliamentary and presidential elections before the end of 2023 is becoming more and more real.

“Today, the 6+6 Joint Committee announced that it has reached full agreement on items related to the election of the President and members of the National Assembly, in addition to how to involve political parties in elections to the House of Representatives through party lists or individual candidates, without providing additional details on the agreed points, the statement says.

Among other things, the committee noted that the next legislature, that is, the National Assembly, will consist of two chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate. Progress has also been made in determining and distributing seats in these structures by district, women’s representation, the fight against electoral crimes, and electoral appeal procedures related to the elections of the President of the State, the House of Representatives and the Senate. In addition, in ensuring equal access of all candidates to state media platforms.

The Joint Commission also reaffirmed the members’ interest in establishing a coherent and comprehensive electoral legislative framework in the country through ongoing consultations with the judicial and technical bodies represented by the Supreme National Electoral Commission (HEC) and the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya (UNSMIL).

Earlier, Arab media reported that Tripoli has the third largest gold reserves in Africa for 2022. The precious metal reserves of the North African republic are 117 metric tons, according to the global statistical portal Statista.


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