Libya ready to transport Nigerian gas to Europe — EADaily, October 4, 2022 — Politics News, Russia News

The government of national unity of Libya has agreed to the transportation of Nigerian gas to Europe through the territory of the country. This was reported by the news portal Middle East Monitor on October 4.

According to the Minister of Oil and Gas of Libya Mohammed Aoun, the distance between Nigerian gas fields and European markets via Libya is at least 1,000 kilometers shorter than the other two pipeline route options via Algiers and Morocco. And this reduces the cost of transportation and, consequently, the price of gas.

However, Libya faces many challenges to implement this project: security, financial, technological and market aspects. The first statement of intent to create a gas pipeline project to transport Nigerian gas through Libya was made in June. At the time, a spokesman for the Government of National Unity of Libya Mohammed Hammuda told a press conference that the government had “allowed the Ministry of Oil and Gas to conduct technical and economic studies on the possibility of creating a gas pipeline project from Nigeria, bypassing Niger or Chad, to Europe via Libya.” On September 25, Libyan Oil and Gas Minister Mohammed Aoun announced that the study had been submitted to the government. The preliminary study says the pipeline should go through Niger, not Chad.

As reported EADaily , due to sanctions and counter-sanctions, Russian gas supplies are declining. However, alternative suppliers cannot fully compensate for the lost volumes.

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