LG Announces Tone Free Headphone Family

LG announced the Tone Free family of headphones, which includes three wireless in-ear models: T90, TF7 and TF8. The LG Tone Free family of headphones will go on sale at the end of August at a price of $185.

The flagship Tone Free T90 received speakers using graphene, support for Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing technologies to create better stereo sound and Dolby Head Tracking, which adapts the sound to the position of the user’s head. The model has active noise reduction, the level of which is adjusted automatically. The Plug & Wireless case allows you to use the USB-C to AUX cable to turn the case into a wireless headphone transmitter.

Models TF7 and TF8 are designed for sports. The SwivelGrip design keeps the earbuds secure in your ears, while the IP67 certification protects your accessory from moisture and dust. The headphones can last up to an hour longer than the T90, up to ten hours, on a single charge, and the case increases autonomy to 30 hours (29 hours for the T90).

All new headphones have received a hypoallergenic coating that reduces the risk of skin irritation in the ear canal, and the cases have a UVnano function: when the case is closed, ultraviolet radiation disinfects the headphones.

Maxim Vershinin


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