“Lex Ukraine” failed – Swiss parliament votes against arms exports to Kiev

Again and again, Switzerland is under pressure from its European neighbors so that they can deliver Swiss-made weapons or ammunition to the Ukraine. But an exception that should make this possible failed on Thursday in the Swiss Parliament.

The Swiss parliament has rejected an exemption for the transfer of armaments to Ukraine.

Late Thursday evening, the majority of MPs voted against a corresponding proposal that had been drawn up by the security policy committee of the large Swiss parliamentary chamber.

Auction house Christie's is auctioning off jewels by Heidi Horten despite protests from the Jewish community

Auction house Christie’s is auctioning off jewels by Heidi Horten despite protests from the Jewish community

The so-called “Lex Ukraine” would have provided for other states to be allowed to deliver Swiss-made war material to Ukraine.

The laws of neutral Switzerland prohibit aid to countries involved in acts of war. With this justification, the transfer of tank ammunition to the Ukraine, which was sold years ago from Switzerland to Germany, has also been prohibited.

Germany has repeatedly pressed to be allowed to supply the Swiss-made ammunition to Ukraine. In Denmark there are Swiss tanks, which the country would like to hand over to Ukraine. And Spain wants to send Swiss anti-aircraft guns there in support.

Those in favor of an exception argued that Switzerland must provide more support to Ukraine and contribute to European security.

The opponents, including the Greens and the conservatives from the SVP, feared a violation of neutrality and a too close rapprochement with NATO.

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