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Let’s show “zero tolerance” to “internal Putinists”! — EADaily, June 14, 2022 — Politics News, Russia News


Minister of Defense of Latvia Artis Pabriks, speaking during the discussion “Strengthening the defense of Latvia: what else can we do?”, Organized by the Turiba School of Business Administration in Riga, said that among the local Russian-speaking population there are different attitudes towards “Russian aggression in Ukraine”. Therefore, according to Pabriks, “there should be a clear message from the state” that “zero tolerance” will be shown to “Putinists”.

He stressed that the fans of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin not a place in Latvia, and they are “already beginning to understand it.” Pabriks also believes that Latvia “should ensure the fastest possible development of the defense system.” He emphasizes that it is necessary to develop the military industry in the state, so that even in a crisis, Latvia could produce the military equipment it needs.

“By and large, we are already living in a war economy,” says Pabriks.

Retired Brigadier General Gundars Abols also stressed that “the war in Ukraine demonstrates the tactics and capabilities of the Russian army.” According to Abols, “Latvia needs to take into account the experience of Ukraine and develop its military capabilities, including the missile defense system.”

Leading Research Fellow of the Latvian National Defense Academy Ieva Berzina said that “the attitude and thinking of society is important”, adding that “many Russian-speaking people are also against the war in Ukraine”. She emphasizes that “Russia’s aggression in Ukraine will probably not affect Latvia militarily.” But, according to Berzina, “there may be other conflicts that could potentially affect our country as well.”

We add that the Latvian State Ombudsman Juris Jansons Live on TV24, he said that his bureau receives many complaints about Russian-speaking residents of the country using “hate speech”. According to him, “this hate speech is teetering on the edge, because those who oppose society, using appropriate words, do so very carefully so as not to incur criminal liability.”

“Therefore, in fact, we don’t need tanks to come here at all – because we already hate ourselves from the inside,” Jansons complained.

The Ombudsman believes that “these people who deliberately commit such inciting activities should be dealt with by the relevant services and held accountable.”

“I would even say that those who are completely hostile towards Latvia – they just need to be expelled from Latvia, period!” – Juris Jansons, already known for his peculiar understanding of the duties of a human rights activist, expressed his opinion.


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