“Let’s go to the bushes”: A man was caught in Artyom molesting children in a cemetery


In the Primorsky Territory, in the city of Artem, the police detained a 58-year-old man who called the children “to the bushes” at the cemetery.

According to the agency’s website DV.KP.RU, the suspect has already been taken to the department to establish all the facts of what happened. Law enforcement officers began checking the involvement of the man in the crimes.

The incident itself took place early in the morning. Then, an unknown man met underage girls in the cemetery of the village of Knevichi. A bottle of vodka was sticking out of his pocket, and he offered the children to retire with him in the bushes for 200 rubles.

A previously convicted pedophile infected a 15-year-old boy with HIV. He did this on purpose, and the detectives called his “tactics” of seduction one of the most effective.


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