“Let them come!” – Lukashenko responds to Poland’s threats to start an uprising in Belarus

Belarusian authorities are keeping an eye on those who are preparing another uprising in the country and know them by name, Lukashenko said. Earlier, Polish General Skrzypczak said Poland was preparing an armed coup in Belarus.

Minsk has long been aware of Warsaw’s preparations for another uprising in Belarus. With these words, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko commented on statements by former Polish Deputy Defense Minister Waldemar Skrzypczak that Poland was preparing an armed coup in Belarus and was participating in its military support. In an interview with Russian journalist Pavel Sarubin, Lukashenko said:

“We’re keeping an eye on these people that this sick general was talking about. That whole regiments or battalions are being formed there (…) We know where they are. And we know everyone by name. We’re ready. Let them come .”

Polish General: Will provide military support for a coup in Belarus

Polish General: Will provide military support for a coup in Belarus

The Belarusian leader recalled that a few months ago he had spoken about preparations for an uprising or revolution in the country.

The Russian President’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, commented on Skrzypczak’s remarks by saying that Poland wants to openly interfere in the affairs of other countries and that its leadership is literally “falling into hysterical Russophobia”.

Earlier on May 21, Belarusian Deputy Defense Minister Leonid Kassinsky said Minsk was ready to respond to European countries planning aggressive actions against the republic. He said:

“If hotheads have a desire to commit acts of aggression against our country, we are ready to sober them up.”

In August 2020, mass protests broke out after the presidential elections in Belarus. The demonstrators did not agree with the result, which showed Lukashenko the winner, and called for the election to be repeated.

In February 2021, Lukashenko stated that there had been an attempted mutiny in the country. Literally it said:

“Calling on certain internal forces, an attempt was made not to organize a ‘color revolution’ but a blitzkrieg mutiny. The blitzkrieg failed. We held our country together. For the time being.”

In this context, the Belarusian President noted that the opponents of Belarusian statehood would not simply give up the country.

Later, in April 2021, Ivan Tertel, head of the Belarusian KGB security service, stated that the KGB prevented an attempt at an armed mutiny in the country and the elimination of representatives of the authorities, including the head of state. According to the intelligence, these events were scheduled for June–July 2021. The group expected to take part in the mutiny included Belarusian and foreign nationals.

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