Leonid Yakubovich will appear on the stage of the New Theater staged by Eduard Boyakov

Global Look Press |  Nikolay Titov/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Nikolay Titov/Russian Look

TV presenter, actor and screenwriter Leonid Yakubovich will play the main role in the comedy “The Miser” directed by director Eduard Boyakov.

The new theater will show the premiere of “The Miser”, in which Yakubovich will play. Previously, the TV presenter had already appeared on the stage of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater when Boyakov directed it.

“Eduard Boyakov offered me to play the main role in The Miser and make a literary adaptation of this play. Something had to be added. Slightly change the philosophy of this comedy, which, in my opinion, is not the best [комедиографа] Moliere, it is no coincidence that it is so rarely staged in the theater. In general, I improved something to the best of my ability. They say it worked out well. The other day we start rehearsing, ”said the screenwriter kp.ru.

In addition, the play Lavr, in which Yakubovich played on the Moscow Art Theater stage, will be restored at the New Theater. To do this, the directors need to find a large stage, since a large-scale performance requires a lot of scenery.


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