Lemon grass reduce risk of cancer high blood pressure cholesterol heart attack lose weight and know how to use in hindi


Lemon grass gets fat in tea due to which it controls weight.
The oil made from lemon grass tea reduces cholesterol easily.

Lemon Grass Tea Reduced Cholesterol: Blood pressure and cholesterol are the biggest lifestyle related diseases today. Cholesterol starts accumulating in the arteries of the blood due to which high BP occurs. According to WHO, about 1.28 billion people worldwide have high BP, but unfortunately 46 percent of them do not even know that they have blood pressure disease. When he goes to get treatment for some other problems, then he comes to know that his BP has increased. However, if we improve the lifestyle and food habits, then it can be easily controlled. According to a study, lemon grass tea provides relief from blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

Lemon grass is also known as citronella. It gives a lot of fragrance. According to the news of Health Line, citrus flavor comes from lemongrass. Lemon grass is also used in room freshener. Many types of perfumes are also made from it. Its fragrance reduces stress and brings happiness in mood. Even though lemon grass looks like grass, it is full of many medicinal properties. Along with weight control, its tea also cures many diseases. Cold, cold, anemia and headache can also be treated by its use. This tea is such an effective herb that controls cholesterol.

Anticarcinogenic properties in lemongrass
healthline According to, lemon grass is full of antibacterial, antifungal, anti-cancer, antidepressant properties. It also contains elements like Vitamin A, folic acid, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and manganese which are good for our overall health. Lemon grass keeps the digestive system fine. Consuming this gives relief from the problems of vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. This tea is an excellent remedy for gastric problems.

Also helpful in reducing weight

Lemon grass gets fat in tea due to which it controls weight. Also boosts metabolism. Consuming this causes fat burning. There are many benefits of consuming this tea instead of milk and sugar leaf tea. Honey and lemon grass tea helps in quick weight control. Anti-cancer potential is also found in lemongrass. The effect of lemongrass tea is effective in eliminating some cancer cells. Many elements are found in lemongrass which is helpful in fighting cancer cells.

Eliminates Cholesterol

High cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. In the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research, it was found that oil made from lemon grass tea can easily reduce cholesterol. Surprisingly, cholesterol also decreased according to the dose given. In another research of 2011, it was also found that the use of 100 mg of lemongrass essential oil daily completely eliminates cholesterol.

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