Left-wing attack on the house of Minister of Justice Buschmann – the media are silent

Almost two weeks ago, there was property damage to the home of Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann. The journalist Henryk Broder came across a corresponding letter of confession. The Justice Department initially remained silent, but has now confirmed the incident.

Two weeks ago on Thursday, left-wing radicals apparently carried out an attack on the home of Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP). The incident became known only on Tuesday through an article by journalist Henryk Broder in the daily newspaper World publicly known.

Broder, who, according to his own statements, regularly posts on the left-wing radical platform indy media reads, had come across a corresponding, anonymous confession letter before the Pentecost weekend. It said that on the night of Thursday, May 18th, to Friday, May 19th, the house of the Federal Minister of Justice in Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, had been “marked”.

In the radical left-wing scene jargon, “marking” usually refers to politically motivated damage to property. In Buschmann’s case, the alleged perpetrators said they left the words “Self-determination instead of bathroom bills” and an anarchy sign on the front door of the house. In addition, the glass elements at the entrance were apparently destroyed.

Letter of confession: “Transphobic propaganda”

Self-determination law: change gender entry?  No problem.  But not in case of war!

Self-determination law: change gender entry? No problem. But not in case of war!

The reason given for the attack in the letter of confession was Bushman’s “massively trans-hostile influence” on the draft of the so-called “Self-Determination Act”. According to the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, the law should “make it easier for transgender and intersex as well as non-binary people to have their gender entry changed”.

Apparently, the draft law didn’t go far enough for the alleged perpetrators, as it contained “discriminatory exceptions” for which Buschmann is held responsible. The influence of “transphobic propaganda” and “anti-feminist lobbying” should be seen as an existential threat, it said, as a justification for the violence, which must be countered early on “with maximum determination”.

The Federal Ministry of Justice confirmed the attack

By his own admission, the journalist was surprised why there was no media report on the attack and quickly checked for himself whether the letter of confession was authentic. By calling the press office of the Ministry of Justice, he received the confirmation, first by telephone, then again in writing:

“We confirm that the front door of the building where Minister Buschmann has his apartment in Gelsenkirchen was damaged and scrawled. Criminal charges were immediately filed. We are aware of the letter you refer to.”

However, it was not disclosed why the public was not informed about the incident. Broder summed it up in his usual smug tone:

“For the mature citizen who also abhors violence against things and can now spell the word ‘transparency’ backwards, there is nothing left but to thank Indymedia for making the site public about the incident.”

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