Left the baby to die on the balcony, the St. Petersburg woman was detained by law enforcement officers

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

A young resident of St. Petersburg was detained for the murder of a newborn child. About it informs GUSUSK press service in its official Telegram channel.

The tragedy occurred on March 14 in an apartment in one of the houses in the Nevsky district of the Northern capital. There, a 25-year-old local woman gave birth to a daughter, and then left the baby on an open balcony for several hours. As a result of the actions of the mother, the newborn girl died. Then the detainee put the child’s body in a plastic bag and threw it into a trash can, which was located on Bolshevikov Avenue. There they found the baby’s body.

Now, a criminal case has been initiated against the girl. Investigators are establishing all the circumstances of the incident.

Earlier in the Smolensk region, a young mother, while intoxicated, beat her three-month-old son because of crying.


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