Le Pen warns of risk of ‘social explosion’ in France due to pension reform

The head of the French National Rally party, Marine Le Pen, believes that the French government has created the conditions for a “social explosion” in the country due to the adoption of social reform. In her opinion, people believe that “the rules of the game of democracy have been violated.”

“The government is deliberately creating all the conditions for a social explosion, and this could have been foreseen for several months. I am not going to participate a second time in extinguishing the fire that you (government.— “b”) started. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Ms Le Pen told AFP (quoted from France 24).

On March 16, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born adopted a pension reform bypassing Parliament. Opposition parties put forward a vote of no confidence in the government, but 278 deputies voted for his departure from the 287 votes required for a vote of no confidence. Protests have continued in the country for several days, 850 people have been detained. French President Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating has fallen to its lowest level since 2019.

Details – in the material “Temperature on the Parisian streets 49.3”.

Laura Keffer


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