Lawyer Natalya Khurchakova spoke about the way to increase the pension due to the Soviet experience

Agency “Moscow” | Kirill Zykov

Russians can receive a pension supplement if they worked before 1991. The lawyer said Natalya Khurchakova.

According to the expert, many residents of Russia have Soviet experience, due to which they have the right to increase the amount of pension payments. At the same time, the PFR conducts valorization of payments in an undeclared manner, writes “Russian newspaper“.

Khurchakova noted that several categories of citizens have the right to increase pensions. So, if a Russian worked until 2002, then payments will increase by 10%, and if until 1991 – by 1% for each year worked. Thus, due to valorization, the pension can grow very significantly.

A draft law providing for the resumption of indexation of payments to working pensioners has been submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. This is reported INFOX.


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