Lavrov: US and EU attempts to isolate Russia fail

Lavrov said that the attempts of the US and the EU to isolate Russia and turn it into a pariah are a complete fiasco

The attempts of the United States of America and the European Union to isolate Russia and turn it into a “rogue” are a complete fiasco. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation wrote about this on March 24 Sergei Lavrov in his article for the socio-political magazine “Scout“.

“The light of the wedge on the US and the EU did not converge. The modern world is both global and multipolar. Attempts to isolate Russia, surround it with a “cordon sanitaire”, turn it into a “rogue” are failing completely”he wrote in his article.

Lavrov clarified that most of the countries of the world, in which about 85% of the population of our planet lives, do not want to “pull chestnuts out of the fire” for states that were colonial mother countries in the past.

“Today the West, which, according to the apt expression of the President, [РФ] Vladimir Putin is an “empire of lies”, is no longer perceived by the international community as the ultimate truth, as some kind of ideal of democracy, freedom and prosperity”– said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

He also pointed out that against the background of what is happening, Russian diplomacy continues to pursue an independent, independent, multi-vector foreign policy course and increases activity in various areas.

As reported IA REGNUM, earlier Sergey Lavrov wrote that Western officials and politicians are beginning to recognize the irreversible process of the formation of a multipolar world. He also pointed out that the strengthening of multipolarity is a “main trend” in the development and establishment of a new modern world order.


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