Lavrov saw a dangerous trend in Germany’s attempts to avoid responsibility for Nazism

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavroy called the desire of German politicians to avoid responsibility for Nazism and the events of World War II a dangerous trend.

“We have long begun to feel that they are conveying a clear thought through various methods and in different expressions: “Dear colleagues, we Germans have paid everyone for everything and owe nothing to anyone else. Therefore, stop reproaching us for what happened during World War II.” said he is in an interview for the film “The World on the Edge. Lessons of the Caribbean Crisis” on Channel One.

According to the minister, the German authorities are trying to assure that their people will always remember what atrocities were committed during the reign of Adolf Hitler during the Third Reich, while continuing to claim that they have already “calculated with everyone.”

Lavrov also added that some European politicians have become “irresponsibly playing with the topic of nuclear weapons.” As an example, he cited the words of the Commander-in-Chief of the German Air Force Gerhartz, who called on NATO to prepare for a nuclear war.

“Addressing the head of the Russian state [Владимиру] Putin, he said that our president should not dare to compete with them. From the lips of a German, this is a very revealing statement,” emphasized the head of the foreign policy department.

In addition, he recalled the statement of Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky about the use of nuclear weapons. Earlier, the politician called it a mistake to refuse to use it, which did not even cause any condemning reaction from his Western partners, Lavrov said. According to him, Nazism “is now reviving quite quickly, primarily in the very Ukraine supported by the Germans.”

At the same time, the politician called the sacred memory of the period when a huge number of people died, “due to the sacrifice demonstrated by the Soviet multinational people.” According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, this is precisely the key difference between the Russian people and those who “begin to treat the topic of nuclear weapons lightly.”


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