MFA Russia/ Global Look Press
MFA Russia/ Global Look Press

Traitors could not be found among Russian diplomats, despite the fact that such attempts were made abroad. This statement was made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.

He noted that the employees of the diplomatic departments of the Russian Federation conscientiously carry out their service, despite the difficult foreign political situation in the world. In addition, the Foreign Minister pointed to the “synchronism” in the expulsion of diplomats in the West, which, according to him, was not even in the most severe years of the Cold War.

“Traitors among the diplomats could not be found. Although there have been such attempts. They were undertaken from abroad, and inside the country too, ”Lavrov emphasized.

Earlier, the head of the Foreign Ministry said that the whole world would feel the consequences of the West’s hybrid war against Russia.



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