Latvians are unhappy with the fact that Khamatova was appointed “actress of the year” in Latvia

The ceremony of awarding the Latvian theater award “Night of the Actors” took place in Riga. Among the winners was the actress Chulpan Khamatova, who emigrated to Latvia from Russia, and was named “Actress of the Year,” writes

Khamatova received the award for her role in the performance of the New Riga Theater Post Scriptum. Note that in Latvia, not everyone liked the fact that Khamatova was awarded the main national theater award.

“In Riga, the Russian actress was awarded the “Night of the Actors” (Spēlmaņu nakts) award. This is the Latvian analogue of Oscar, but at the minimum. At the award ceremony, Khamatova delivered a speech in Latvian. Someone appreciated the attempt to please the locals, but Twitter users were not stingy with criticism. Some recalled her participation in an advertisement for Putin’s election campaign ten years ago. Someone even drew parallels with the film director Leni Riefenstahlwho worked for the Hitler regime. Director Alvis Hermanis, who invited Khamatova to the troupe, stood up for the ward and advised the dissatisfied public to “deep into the facts” and also read the play Arthur Miller “The Crucible”, “which best describes how the witch-hunt mechanisms work””, – writes the telegram channel Baltnews.

Latvians expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks. “This is possible only in Latvia,” wrote, for example, Atis Ozo.

“I am not a theatrical expert, but I don’t understand why this creature is being laid a red carpet in our country? And now this too… Hermanis doesn’t want to marry her and give her Latvian citizenship?” – ironic Daiga Rutka.

“I would like it more if we in Latvia accepted and awarded Ukrainian actresses, and not former Putinists,” said the creative director of the portal Tom Lusis.

“With former Putinists, just like with former alcoholics or drug addicts, there are no former. There are only those who do not use at the moment, and for how long depends on the individual. But the status remains for life and everyone should remember this … there are no former ones, ” – noted Karlis Kantsons.

We add that during the award ceremony, the Pole Lukasz Twarkowskiwho became the “director of the year” in Latvia, swore at the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, then shouting the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”. The audience in the hall met the words of the director with a standing ovation.

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