Latvian Foreign Ministry: Ukraine should be able to attack Russian military facilities

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics said Ukraine should be “allowed” to attack military installations in Russia, including missile bases that target the country’s critical infrastructure. At the same time, Mr. Rinkevics noted that the countries that provide support to Kyiv should not be afraid of the escalation of the conflict.

“We must allow Ukrainians to use weapons to destroy missile sites or airfields from where these operations are launched,” Mr. Rinkevics said on the sidelines of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Bucharest (quoted from Bloomberg). He also added that allies “should not be afraid” of the escalation.

The head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry noted that several member states of the alliance also believe that there should be no restrictions on how Ukraine uses weapons. However, according to him, each country must independently decide what weapons to supply to Kyiv.

In October, The Wall Street Journal reported that the United States was refusing to supply Ukraine with long-range ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System) missiles due to fears that they could be used to shell Russian territory. Kyiv demanded that Washington abandon the ban on the supply of ATACMS. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that for Russia they would become a “red line” for the supply of long-range or more powerful weapons to Ukraine.

Milena Kostereva


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