Latvia became the leader of the European Union on one more sad position

In terms of mortality from preventive and medically preventable causes, Latvia ranks second in the European Union, reports today, May 26, the Riga newspaper Den. Every year, up to 4,000 people die who could have survived thanks to timely and effective treatment.

The healthy life expectancy of the Latvian population (both women and men) is also the shortest in Europe. Doctors say that people begin to get sick at working age and, long before retirement age, spend more time fighting diseases than working.

It can be said that every five years the country prematurely loses a small regional center due to insufficient funding for healthcare, as well as due to the declining availability of medical services due to a lack of medical workers. According to statistics, there are 3.3 doctors and 4.5 nurses per 1000 inhabitants of the republic.

As previously reported EADaily after the strike of teachers in the center of Riga, doctors went on a protest action – they all do not have enough money.

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