Latvia for an indefinite period banned the entry of 102 Russian citizens, including well-known actors and directors.

“Based on the second part of Article 61 of the Immigration Law, I have decided to put 102 Russian citizens on the list of undesirable persons, which means a ban on entry to Latvia for an indefinite period,” Rinkevich wrote on Twitter.

Everyone on the list of persona non grata in Latvia is accused of supporting the Russian authorities. “These persons of Russian culture, industry workers actively support the President of Russia,” the Latvian Foreign Ministry explained.

As follows from the list published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, entry into the country is prohibited, including artists Nikolai Burlyaev, Yuri Kare, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Vasily Livanov, Igor Petrenko, Boris Galkin and Alexander Pashutin.

Actor Boris Galkin told RBC that the ban on entry to Latvia imposed on him would directly affect his life.

“I will not be able to come to the graves of my relatives – my father, mother, grandmother, sister, my very close friends. This, of course, is an insult to me and to the memory of my relatives and friends, who also worked and lived not only in the name of the Soviet Union, but first of all in the name of Latvia,” he said.

Galkin stressed that he had done nothing wrong with respect to Latvia. He recalled that he lived there until the age of 16. “Nothing has changed in Latvia, such topics (negative attitude towards Russians – EADaily) were still in my youth, I came across this, ”added the actor.

Actor Alexander Pashutin, in turn, considered the decision of the Latvian authorities to ban him and other Russians from entering “stupid and short-sighted”, stressing that they do not threaten Riga in any way.

“Forbidden and banned. Unfortunately, they do stupid things. We had tours in Latvia. There is a Russian theater in Latvia, on the stage of which we played. There were shootings in Latvia. This is another not-so-smart solution. It is necessary to live in harmony with neighbors, ”he said in a conversation with RBC.

According to the actor, he went to Latvia on tour with the Ensemble of the Moscow City Palace of Pioneers. Pashutin stressed that he had always treated this country very well.

Earlier, the Latvian Foreign Ministry declared more than 30 Russian cultural figures undesirable persons for a similar reason.


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