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Lalu Yadav Birthday: 14 year old Rabri and 25 year old Lalu… from ‘eeh’ to ‘saheb’

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav is celebrating 74th birthday today. Birthday was celebrated by cutting a cake at Misa Bharti’s house in Delhi. During this, the wife of Lalu Yadav and former Chief Minister of Bihar Rabri Devi was also present. Lalu Yadav’s birthday was celebrated in a simple way by feeding each other cakes.


  • 74th birthday of former CM Lalu Yadav today
  • Birthday celebrated at Misa Bharti’s house in Delhi
  • Congratulations to Lalu Yadav from Rabri Devi
  • Birthday was celebrated with cake

Today is the 74th birthday of former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Yadav. The former Chief Minister and his wife extended birthday wishes by feeding them cakes. Before 60 years, both took seven rounds. Since then see every color of life. On the occasion of happiness, Lalu Yadav gives roses to Rabri. So Rabri Devi affectionately calls him ‘saheb’.

Lalu came to Patna at the age of 6
Lalu Yadav was born on this day i.e. on 11th June in 1948, the next year of the country’s independence, in Phulwaria, Chapra. At the age of 6 (1954), Lalu Yadav came to Patna with his brother. After this he remained in Patna only. The journey of Lalu Yadav’s education, Netgiri, Job, then Netgiri is very interesting. Lalu Yadav’s political career was extremely successful. He created a legacy, which is successful even today.

14’s Rabri and 25’s Lalu’s wedding
Rabri Devi came in the life of Lalu Yadav in 1973. Then Lalu Yadav was immersed in Netgiri. Rabri was 14 years old at the time of marriage. Lalu Yadav was 25 years old. Gawana happened in 1976, three years after the marriage. The next year in 1977, Lalu Yadav became an MP. After marriage, Lalu Yadav became the President of Patna University and after Gawana, MP. Lalu Yadav considers Rabri lucky for himself. Lalu Yadav does not forget to give rose flowers to Rabri Devi whenever there is an occasion of happiness.

After 22 years of marriage ‘Eeh’ became ‘Saheb’
But for Rabri Devi, Lalu Yadav remained ‘Eh’. In rural areas of Bihar, wives use the word ‘eeh’ for their husbands. It took 22 years for Lalu Yadav to reach Saheb. By then Lalu Yadav’s political career had reached heights, but could not become a ‘saheb’ for Rabri Devi. By then Lalu Yadav had become the Saheb (Chief Minister) for Bihar. In 1995, when Lalu Yadav became the CM again, Rabri Devi stopped calling Lalu Yadav ‘eeh’. After 22 years of marriage and the birth of 9 children, they started calling Lalu Yadav as ‘saheb’.

Bihar politics handed over to sons
For which Lalu Yadav has been famous, he (the stage) is away from him for the last 3-4 years. Both Bihar and party politics have been handed over to their sons. He himself is taking health benefits near his daughter in Delhi. However, through social media, they are interfering in politics. Discussion of Lalu Yadav coming to Patna has been raised many times but at present health is not supporting him. But whenever there is talk of Lalu Yadav coming to Patna, then the politics of Bihar starts beating. On the birthday of Lalu Yadav, his political enemies also do not forget to send congratulatory messages, in which the name of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is also included.


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