Lakhimpur Violence: Four more arrested including Sumit Jaiswal seen running from Thar jeep revolver and bullets also recovered


    The Kheri police and SWAT team on Monday arrested four more people in the Lakhimpur violence case. BJP member Sumit Jaiswal is also among those arrested. In the videos of violence that went viral, only Sumit Jaiswal was seen running out of the Thar jeep. Sumit is a member of Shivpuri locality. Apart from this, Shishupal, Satya Prakash Tripathi alias Satyam and Nandan Singh of Lucknow have been arrested. Police also recovered a licensed revolver and three bullets from Satyaprakash Tripathi. Ten people have been arrested in the case so far.

    The arrest of Sumit Jaiswal is likely to reveal many secrets. Sumit Jaiswal was sitting in the same jeep from which the video of the Thar jeep crushing the farmers went viral. The video of Sumit Jaiswal running away also went viral. Earlier some people came out and told the running person as Ashish Mishra. Then Sumit Jaiswal himself came forward and told that he was sitting in the jeep. He was on the run after being attacked by farmers.

    He was absconding since the video of Sumit running away from the spot on the day of the incident went viral. The police were constantly looking for him. It is believed that his location was not being traced due to being underground. Now the police believe that with the arrest of Sumit, many big secrets will be revealed in the case. Along with this, it will also be clear who was present in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

    At the same time, action has also intensified in the case filed by BJP leader Sumit Jaiswal in Tikunia case. The inquiry committee has sent notices to 22 farmers and they have been summoned to the crime branch office for questioning. On receiving the notice, five farmers reached the crime branch office on Monday and recorded their statement. He was interrogated for a long time. Other farmers have also been called to the crime branch’s office to record their statements on different methods.

    A total of eight people have died in the Tikunia incident. This includes four farmers, a journalist, a driver and two BJP leaders. A case of murder of both the BJP leader and the driver has been filed in BJP leader Sumit Jaiswal against unknown people. The police has now started the investigation of this case. The inquiry committee has issued notices to the video footage and some officials of the farmers’ organizations protesting that day. So far, notices have been issued to 22 farmers. All have been called to the Crime Branch office for questioning on different dates. On receiving the notice, five farmers along with their lawyers reached the crime branch office on Monday and recorded their statements here. His interrogation continued for a long time in the Crime Branch office. Efforts were made to know what happened at the spot that day.

    All the farmers are from Tikunia area

    On Monday, the farmers who were called to the crime branch’s office for questioning. All of them are residents of Tikonia or its surroundings. The farmers say that if they got the notice, they have come to give their statements. Other than that they don’t know anything. It is said that it is the farmers who are seen in the video footage on the day of the incident, either they are the workers or office bearers of the organization who had gathered on that day to show the black flag to the leaders. It is on this basis that he has been identified.



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