A new video of the incident that took place on Sunday in Lakhimpur Kheri has surfaced. In this, a jeep is seen trampling the farmers from behind. After the video surfaced, opposition leaders intensified their attacks on the BJP. All the leaders including UP Congress and AAP MP Sanjay Singh have shared the video. However, Hindustan does not confirm the veracity of the video.

It is seen in the video that a large number of farmers are walking with flags in their hands. Meanwhile, the jeep coming from behind while playing the hooter trampled many people. An SUV also came out behind the jeep. Many people got injured after being hit by a speeding jeep. After a collision with an elderly jeep, he jumped on the bonnet and then fell on the ground. The sudden incident created panic on the spot. No one could understand and each other appeared to be taking care of the other.

Sharing the video, Sanjay Singh wrote that even after this, any proof is needed? See how in the arrogance of power the goons trampled and killed the farmers under their car. Some channels were giving knowledge that the minister’s son ran to save his life.

This 23-second video has also been tweeted by the handle of UP Congress. Along with the video, it was written on behalf of the Congress that neither any farmer was creating a nuisance, nor was any farmer pelting stones on the vehicle. The minister’s son was following the orders of his father. was brutally crushing the farmers from behind. Now everything is in front. Shame on Narendra Modi…

It is worth noting that after the ruckus on Sunday, the farmers had accused the jeep from behind. Whereas Union Minister Ajay Mishra had said that earlier the jeep was attacked with stones and sticks. It is believed that after the new video comes out, once again the strikes from both sides will intensify.

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