Ladies and gentlemen, dear Indians – Habeck makes the Lübke

Robert Habeck describes himself as a chief in the Amazon. With this statement, Habeck unmasks the self-image of the Greens as neocolonial and arrogant. The Greens’ view of the world and people is forever yesterday. This also applies to their image of Russia and the Russians.

by Gert Ewen Ungar

The second German President Heinrich Lübke was known for his bizarre statements. Lübke is said to have greeted those present during a state visit to Liberia in 1962 with “Dear Sir or Madam, dear Negroes”. Since there was neither internet nor smartphones at that time, the story is not documented by video or audio documents. On the other hand, there is evidence that Robert Habeck, who is on a trip to South America with Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir, described himself and Özdemir as chiefs.

When visiting an indigenous people in the Amazon, Habeck said verbatim:

“I’m Robert, this is Cem and we are ministers in the German government – this is something like your chief, but in a different country.”

Habeck’s concern is to save the rainforest. He therefore asks the surrounding Indians how this could be done, because eye level is a basic principle of feminist foreign policy, as decreed by the Greens of the Federal Republic.

Story time with tranquilizer pills?  Robert Habeck and the "Great Transformation"

Story time with tranquilizer pills? Robert Habeck and the “Great Transformation”

How can one protect the rainforest and live in it at the same time, Habeck would like to find out on site and, as a German chief, turns to the natives in a fatherly manner. They couldn’t have done that in Germany, Habeck adds, feigning modesty. Since the forest is practically gone, he claims, contrary to the facts, because in Germany almost 30 percent of the country is forested.

It is an unpleasant, embarrassing appearance that is in no way inferior to the unpleasant and embarrassing appearances of the German Foreign Minister.

Sure, Germans abroad – that’s a difficult topic. A lack of intercultural competence, little empathy and sensitivity are characteristics with which Germans like to make themselves unpopular abroad. When German backpackers enjoy the simplicity of the lifestyle in the tropics and overlook the fact that this poverty, mistaken for voluntarily chosen simplicity, is due to colonial exploitation by Western countries, one may dismiss this as an educational problem.

With his appearance, Habeck makes it clear that this form of neo-colonial arrogance and ignorance has now arrived at the ministerial level and has become a German political style.

Habeck confident: No new financial crisis due to the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bank

Habeck confident: No new financial crisis due to the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bank

The impression of ignorance is reinforced by the fact that Germany now wants to support Colombia in phasing out coal with German knowledge and know-how. A real thigh slap. Colombia lives from coal mining, among other things. Germany now wants to help the country become independent. Failure is inevitable.

The country, which is currently having to reverse the phase-out of coal in view of a completely insane sanctions policy, is positioning itself in other parts of the world as a supposedly competent advisor on matters relating to the environment and the phase-out of fossil fuels. One can be sure that the green minister is not even remotely aware of the entire inconsistency and the inherent racism of his appearance.

On their trips abroad, Habeck and Baerbock demonstrate to the world public how backward and unenlightened the Greens’ view of the world and people is as a party. They also prove it in their openly aggressive dealings with Russia, because just as Habeck’s image of indigenous peoples is obviously based on reading Karl May, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck’s image of Russia is obviously based on the Racial doctrine of National Socialism.

It’s time for the Greens to overcome this typical German feeling of superiority, take a look at the real situation and strive for a contemporary image of humanity without any neo-colonial overtones. It would save them and Germany in particular a lot of embarrassment and also serve peace and genuine understanding between the peoples of Europe and the world.

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