Many men and women, despite a difficult relationship, are not ready to leave their partner for fear of loneliness.

However, there are situations where breaking up is the best way out for both. Relationship experts have listed the signs of being in a relationship with a certain person as unhappy for another. Being trapped is one of them. It seems to a person that he is obliged to be with a partner, no matter what.

Another sign of toxic relationships is tiptoeing in the presence of a lover or beloved. One of the partners in this case, as a rule, suffers from mood swings. Another is ready for anything in order not to upset his chosen one or chosen one.

Among other signs, the presence of which indicates the need to think about whether such a partner is needed, are the following: difficulties in finding a common language, unwillingness to spend time together, lack of a sense of comfort when being alone. Oftentimes, men and women who are unhappy in relationships have no attraction for their significant other. Moreover, it may seem to them that such a tandem is too exhausting.

Some couples manage to maintain friendly relations even after parting. TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and actor Maxim Vitorgan are good examples of this. After the divorce, the couple maintains friendly ties for the sake of their common son Plato.


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