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Labor Day is so that every person who works for any organization or company can know their rights and protect them

Today, Google has made a doodle in honor of laborers with many tools. Doodle is made because today is International Labor Day. Today not only in India but in more than 80 countries around the world, there is a holiday and Labor Day is celebrated.

International Labor Day began on 1 May 1886. It has been celebrated in the world for 134 years but it started in India from 1923. Some believe that the founder of the American Federation of Labor, Peter J. It was started by McGury. At the same time, some people believe that Mathieu Maguri started it.

A workers’ union in Chicago, USA, went on strike not to get more than eight hours of work. At that time, laborers were made to work for 10-16 hours. Not only this, they did not get any facilities nor there was no treatment. During this strike, a bomb blast occurred in Chicago’s Hay Market, in which the police fired on the laborers to deal with it. Seven workers were killed and hundreds were injured in this shootout.

Subsequently, in 1889, at the Second Meeting of the International General Assembly in Paris, a resolution was passed commemorating the French Revolution. The proposal was that May 1 be celebrated as International Labor Day. On the same day, work was also allowed to work in America for only 8 hours.

On 1 May 1923, the Labor Farmers Party of Hindustan in India started the Labor Day in Madras. Earlier this day was celebrated as Madras Day. On this occasion, the first red flag was also used in India before independence. At present, there is a law related to working eight hours of laborers in countries around the world including India, but earlier laborers were made to work for 12-18 hours.

In Europe, this day is historically associated with rural festivals. You can understand this as the crutches here.

In the US, Labor Day was celebrated as a celebration on 5 September 1882 for the first time. On this occasion, the workers gave speeches and for the first time brought their story to the people.

Labor Day is not only for a person who works in mud or stone but also for every person who works for someone, whether it is 5000 or 5 lakhs. Labor Day is so that every person who works for any organization or company can know their rights and protect them. This day is also a day for workers from all over the world to celebrate the holiday.

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