La Repubblica: Italian authorities have identified people who helped Artem Uss escape from arrest in Milan

Global Look Press |  Matteo Nardone/
Global Look Press | Matteo Nardone/

Italian law enforcement agencies have identified 4-5 people who allegedly helped the Russian businessman Artem Uss while escaping from house arrest in Milan, informs La Repubblica.

According to the investigation, Uss left Italy in a few hours, periodically changing cars. He first crossed the border with Slovenia, and then made his way to Serbia, from where, presumably by plane, he reached Russia.

The Italian prosecutor’s office believes that in the escape of Artem Uss to his homeland, he was assisted by a task force of 6-7 people. Some of the alleged “accomplices” have been identified and questioned by investigators.

Earlier Uss said that he was forced to escape from house arrest in Italy.


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