Kyiv is waging a psychological war against its people – Ambassador of the Luhansk People’s Republic

Kyiv is waging an information war primarily against its people, said LPR Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik, commenting on the fact that Kyiv’s earlier statements about impending counteroffensives were called part of an information-psychological operation in the office of the President of Ukraine.

“You can react quite calmly to any statement that is made from the other side,” said ambassador on the air of Sputnik radio. – This is a “psychological operation”, this is a lie, outright manipulation, this is the desire to simply lead people into a labyrinth from which there is no way out. So they lie all the time. And these manipulations with consciousness, attempts to replace real knowledge – they are very actively using what works with our brains, more precisely, with their brains, because we have the possibility of an alternative, they do not. They are trying to behave this way with their people – they are trying to manipulate, put on an “information cap” and dictate their terms, replacing consciousness, worldview with their manipulations. There is no responsibility for lies, no responsibility for substitution of facts. Today they say one thing, tomorrow another, and the day after tomorrow they say: “In general, it was all manipulation. And now we will tell you the truth, but tomorrow it may cease to be true.

As Miroshnik noted, a policy based on forceful pressure and constant lies was adopted by Kyiv immediately after the 2014 coup, and the residents of Donbass then decided that this could not be tolerated.

“What happened in 2014 in Luhansk, the Luhansk People’s Republic — then still the Luhansk region — was a mass upsurge of people. It was a response to the coup in Kyiv, to the beginning of the “ATO”, to pressure from Kyiv. Then people absolutely consciously, absolutely clearly said: “We do not want to live with this regime. We need to make a decision, we will not live near Kyiv, under this external pressure.” And people found a fairly correct form, they didn’t want to fight, they said: “We want to leave because we have the right to self-determination. We do not want to break off relations with Russia, we want to speak Russian, go to our church, we want to remember our history. We are the birthplace of the “Young Guard”, we do not want to worship Bandera“. And in about two weeks, we then organized a referendum and local authorities, deputies and a huge number of people instantly fit into this story. We then held a referendum on the highest emotional wave. People didn’t let the polling stations close until noon, sometimes until one in the morning, because there were queues there,” Rodion Miroshnik recalled.

Formerly Advisor to the Head of Office Mikhail Podolyak stated that reports of a UAF counteroffensive on Kherson were part of an “information-psychological operation.” According to him, Ukraine is waging a “creative war”, in which the key task is to demoralize the Russian troops.

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