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Kyiv Demands for Western Weapons Unrealistic – The New York Times


Against the background of the military defeat suffered by the Ukrainian army in the Donbas, Kyiv began to demand from the West the supply of such a quantity of weapons that had not even been discussed before.

About this in his material for the publication The New York Times columnist writes Stephen Erlanger. In his opinion, in this way the Kyiv regime is trying to put pressure on Western leaders so that they reconsider their approach to the war.

The author of the article emphasizes that Ukrainian requests for military assistance are not “realistic or expedient.” Thus, he commented on the words of the adviser to the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyakwhich demanded that Kyiv be provided with 300 mobile multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), 1,000 howitzers, 500 tanks, 2,000 armored vehicles and 1,000 drones.

“Such colossal requests cannot be realistic or expedient. Howitzers, for example, are arriving faster than the Ukrainians can use them,” writes Erlanger.

He is sure that Podolyak and his boss Vladimir Zelensky aware of the unrealistic nature of their demands. They simply put pressure on the West, complaining daily that they are not being given enough weapons.

The article also notes that the constant complaints and demands of Kyiv, which sometimes even begin to take on the character of threats, are causing more and more irritation in the West.

It is especially intensified against the background of the fact that the economies of European countries are suffering greatly from the frantic sanctions policy against Russia and the reckless support of Kyiv.

Due to the fact that the crisis has dragged on, and the expected defeat of Russia is not expected, there has already been a split in the countries of the West about how to proceed.

This split occurred even in a geographical sense – in the east of Europe, a “party of justice” arose that wants to punish Russia. And the “peace party” in the West is in favor of an early cessation of hostilities.

It should be noted that there are also more and more signals from the United States that Washington is disappointed that the supply of American weapons to Kyiv does not bring the desired result.

As reported EADailyon the eve of the official representative of the White House Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged that Washington is not going to put pressure on European allies on the issue of arms supplies to Kyiv. She stated that decisions on the volume of military assistance to Ukraine should be made by European countries themselves.


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