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Kyiv asked Washington for gas – EADaily, June 15, 2022 – Politics, Ukraine News


Kyiv offers Washington to conclude an agreement on lend-lease for the supply of American liquefied natural gas to Ukraine. This was reported on June 14 by Foreign Policy magazine.

As the head of Naftogaz told the publication Yuri Vitrenkowho traveled to Washington last week to meet with US administration officials, Ukraine needs $8 billion in funding to pay for imports of 6 billion cubic meters of gas before winter.

“They are trying to find a way to get the amount of supplies they need from Western traders at the cost they can afford because prices are going through the roof and the Ukrainian economy is in pretty bad shape,” an expert from the US Naval War College told the magazine. Emily Holland.

According to Foreign Policy, one of the new proposals put forward by representatives of the Ukrainian energy sector is to secure supplies under the lend-lease agreement.

As specified in the publication, Ukraine does not have its own LNG terminals, in connection with this, it is proposed to deliver 6 billion cubic meters of LNG to Europe, and from there to send it through the pipeline to Ukraine. Kyiv is ready to pay for these deliveries in two years, when domestic production will be increased.

“They were surprised to hear this idea, but they took it well,” Vitrenko said.

In turn, the White House told the publication that Washington “remains committed to Ukraine’s energy security and will continue to work with the government to find effective solutions.”

In addition, Ukraine is exploring the possibility of obtaining funds from the US International Development Finance Corporation.


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