Kuyvashev revealed to the people of the Urals what their life will be like for the next 5 years

Solemn meeting dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the formation of the Sverdlovsk region.  Ekaterinburg., kuyvashev evgeny, portrait

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Elections of the governor of the Sverdlovsk region-2022

Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev, who runs in the elections in September, for the first time outlined how the region will live in the next five years if he wins. He declared the support of youth and students to be the main priority for the Ural authorities. This is the leitmotif of the candidate’s policy article, published under the heading “Together we will solve any problems.”

Kuyvashev’s publication is placed on the first two pages of the latest issue of the government’s Regional Newspaper. In printed form, the issue of August 19, published in a circulation of 68,820 copies, will be on the shelves and in the offices of all Sverdlovsk officials only in the morning. And a few hours before that, at night, the material appeared in electronic form on the OG website.

Meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region.  Yekaterinburg

Yevgeny Kuyvashev admitted that he will not remember “simple times” from the beginning of his governorship
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“There are no easy times. I constantly remind myself and others of this old truth,” Kuyvashev begins the article, noting that over the 10 years of his governorship, the Urals has experienced several crises, sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic. And the region, in spite of everything, “has become twice as strong,” the author of the article insists: “The task that I set back in 2012 – to maintain the stronghold of the state – has been completed.”

Following Kuyvashev, recognizing the danger of conflicts and disunity, makes the first loud statement. “I see my main goal association of Uralians, all residents of the Sverdlovsk region to solve large-scale, truly ambitious tasks for the development and prosperity of the region,” the governor writes.

And he emphasizes the unique status of his fellow countrymen: “These are people of a special type – free, hardworking, wise in life.”

The candidate says that his strategy for the development of the Sverdlovsk region “is based on the power of the Urals”, and officials and residents of the region will continue to continue “develop industry, build roads and social facilities“. “Now I am thinking about something else. How to strengthen the basis of our success, to educate a new generation of Uralians, whose hearts are filled with love for their native land, who are proud of the traditions and history of the Urals, ”says Kuyvashev.

For the first time, a candidate also names the name of his election program – “We saved it together. We will win together.” Its key point will be, as expected, the support of the student environment. Back in early June, Kuyvashev announced for the first time that in the next five years his team should turn Yekaterinburg into a student capital Russia. To do this, the governor explained then, the authorities are launching the Campus program.

In addition to what was said earlier, Kuyvashev now promises to pay scholarships of up to 10 thousand rubles to students who passed the session without triples, as well as provide students with social housing for rent. In addition, the governor recalls, they are ready to give discounts to Sverdlovsk students in shops, cafes and fitness centers. And especially initiative – grants for entrepreneurship.

Construction of ECAD.  Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg wants to become the largest logistics center in Russia
Photo: Vladimir Zhabrikov © URA.RU

Kuyvashev did not miss the opportunity to remind that he was dreaming make Yekaterinburg the main “dry port” countries – the largest logistics and transport hub. At the same time, the governor admits that no development is possible without digitalization. Therefore, the authorities, assures the candidate, see their task support for major IT-companies of the region, especially the “Ural Google” – the company “SKB-Kontur”. Separately, Kuyvashev agrees that the region should to form our own qualified personnel with “Ural character”. He assigns a special role in this to professional tournaments and the development of educational and industrial clusters.

Kuyvashev also points out that his program lists plans for improvement of cities and villages, completion of the construction of ECAD and construction High-speed route Yekaterinburg — Kazan — Moscow. “And these are not just dreams – road works are being carried out at a busy pace right now,” the author emphasizes. And adds: improvement of the environmental situation, tourism development and improving the efficiency of health care also included in the plans of the authorities.

“Someone can say whether it’s realistic now to dream of such big transformations, they say,“ I’m not up to fat, I would live. The best answer is an objective fact – the tasks that we have set for ourselves over the past ten years have been achieved. Our team has gained a unique experience. We honestly assess the situation and know what needs to be done. I am sure that the joint work for the result, the Ural character of the inhabitants of the Sverdlovsk region will allow not only to overcome current difficulties, but also to solve long-term tasks,” the governor concludes the article.

Together with Kuyvashev, nominated by United Russia, four more candidates are fighting for victory in the elections. Each of them also presented the abstracts of their programs earlier. Alexander Ivachev (Communist Party of the Russian Federation), marching under the slogan “Let’s return the region to the Sverdlovsk residents”, promises to introduce democracy, return the care and respect of the Urals and develop the region through a stable economy. Andrey Kuznetsov (“Fair Russia”) with the motto “For the Labor Urals!” guarantees the protection of workers’ rights and promotes appropriate support measures.

Elections 2021: 17 September.  Palace of Youth.  Yekaterinburg

Elections will be held on September 11 – in three weeks
Photo: Razmik Zakaryan © URA.RU

Alexander Kaptyug (LDPR), who chose the slogan “Urals – an opportunity for everyone!” is going to raise the salaries of doctors and teachers, develop small towns and provide pensioners with all the necessary support. And Alexander Demin (“New People”) with the slogan “Voice of Free People” proposes to treat Sverdlovsk residents in private clinics at the expense of the budget, return direct mayoral elections and improve the living conditions of young people.

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