Kuyvashev called for housing and communal services enterprises in Sverdlovsk cities to be given to private owners

The process of installing large diameter valves at the Arbinka water treatment plant.  Kurgan, water utility, water union, arbinka

The head of the Sverdlovsk region, Evgeny Kuyvashev, called for a conclusion to transfer housing and communal services enterprises in the cities of the region to private investors. In particular, they were talking about the scandalous Pervouralsk Vodokanal, whose consumers spent several days without water supply.

“We have to be patient, this is iron, it breaks, nothing can be done about it. We need a strategy, it needs to be developed and presented to the government of the Sverdlovsk region. It is necessary to use concession schemes to raise funds; a budget alone cannot do it. One of the key criteria for the head’s work is the existence of a concession agreement,” Kuyvashev said during a live line on the OTV channel.

Water in Pervouralsk disappeared on the night of December 2 due to an accident at the Nizhneserginsky water pipeline. The evening of the next day, Mayor Igor Kabetz reported that the repair work had been completed. Already on December 4, he reported new problems.

The topic of water supply was the main one in the political campaign against the re-election of Kabetsa. However, he promised Kuyvashev to solve this acute problem: the governor gave him credit of confidence. Thanks to this, deputies of the local Duma re-elected Kabets in October.


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