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Kurgan spent less than other large cities of the Ural Federal District on catching dogs

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In Kurgan, 3.2 million rubles were spent to catch stray dogs. This is the lowest figure among the six capitals of the regions of the Ural Federal District, media reports. But the city has the lowest rate of animal attacks.

“The cost of catching stray dogs in Kurgan is 3.2 million rubles. 3 animal attacks were registered. Captured – 148, ”the Ural Mash telegram channel says.

In terms of the number of attacks, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug turned out to be the leader with an indicator of 152 incidents. More than others were spent on trapping animals in Tyumen – 18 million rubles.

URA.RU has already written that because of the slander of an elderly woman in Kurgan, a purebred dog was almost shot, which was left on the street by the owners. Correspondents of the agency also reported that the administration of the Kataisky district (Kurgan region) paid the girl 50,000 rubles as compensation for non-pecuniary damage after she was bitten by a stray dog.


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