Kurgan residents are outraged that pedestrians are not allowed to cross the emergency bridge. “Shame and disgrace to Shumkov”

    Kirovsky bridge is closed.  Kurgan, Kirovsky bridge

    In social networks, users express their indignation at the complete blocking of traffic on the bridge across the Tobol River on Kirova Street in Kurgan. Local residents are outraged by the way of informing the population – “scribbled with a pen on cardboard.”

    “Instead of first ensuring the passage of people across the suspension bridge, organizing a crossing or a pontoon bridge, everything was quickly closed and managed, instead of July 25, they started on August 2. And there, in fact, people have dachas, and someone still lives there. How to be something? Shame and disgrace to Shumkov, ”wrote one of the subscribers of the Typical Kurgan group on the VKontakte social network.

    “Plates in the best traditions of Shumkov’s construction projects. Millions are spent inexplicably, but they can’t find 700 rubles for a normal sign, ”said another.

    The fact that the emergency bridge across the Tobol River will be completely blocked for vehicles and pedestrians for the sake of their safety, said the head of the Kurgan, Elena Sitnikova. The mayor of the city warned residents that the fences and bridge structures would be dismantled. The contractor has already begun dismantling the bridge structure along Kirov Street. It is known that the road surface was milled, the barrier and railings are being dismantled, which did not prevent local residents and summer residents from walking around the repaired facility. Earlier URA.RU wrote that the Kirov Bridge was closed for almost a year.

    According to eyewitnesses, such a “sign” appeared recently
    There is a fine for a dangerous crossing, written on a cardboard

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