Kurgan residents are offered to lead the existing gas station on the federal highway. Photo

A raid on gas stations with specialists from the energy efficiency laboratory.  Kurgan, gasoline, fuel, gas station, gas station guns, car refueling

In the Kurgan region, an operating filling station was put up for sale, which is located at km 239 of the federal highway R-254 Irtysh. Such an ad is published on a popular sales site.

“The operating gas station at km 239 of the federal highway R-254 Irtysh. Chelyabinsk-Kurgan-Omsk-Novosibirsk. 30 km from Kurgan towards Chelyabinsk. Good location. Large area. Price: 3,500,000 rubles,” the author of the message said.

The property of the new owner will get modern speakers of domestic production, the building of the “operator’s room”, fuel tanks, two outbuildings and land. According to the entrepreneur, the site has a large car traffic. The owner also agrees to the lease of assets with subsequent redemption.

The fact that in the Trans-Urals put up for sale gas stations near the federal highway Chelyabinsk-Omsk, URA.RU wrote last summer. Then the finished business was valued at 22 million rubles.

The gas station is located on the federal highway Chelyabinsk-Kurgan-Omsk-Novosibirsk


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