Kurgan residents are forced to freeze in their house for four days because of one homeowner

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In Kurgan, residents of an apartment building from one entrance were left without heating for four days. To fix the problem, specialists from the management company needed to go to one of the owners, but this was not possible. A reader who encountered such a problem told URA.RU about this.

“We have been living without heating for several days. It’s already been the fourth day. Address – Lenin Street, 39. After turning off the heating in the center to eliminate a break in the pipe, the accident was eliminated, the house was connected to heat, but at our entrance there was cold in the rooms. We contacted the Prometheus municipal unitary enterprise, but the dispatcher rudely explained that there was no heat because specialists from the management company could not get to the house to move the coolant supply valve,” the reader said.

A URA.RU correspondent sent a request to the press service of the city administration. There it was explained that heating was supplied to the house, but the problem was only with one riser. As the administration clarified, Prometheus is ready to fix the problem, but to do this, the company’s specialists need to be sent into one of the apartments, and only the owner can do this by law. “Previously, representatives of the management company were unable to get into the apartment. As a result of negotiations, today the owner will provide access to the apartment. The management company will carry out restoration work, the heating along the riser will be normalized,” an administration representative explained to the correspondent.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that in the center of Kurgan there was a massive heating outage due to a break in a worn-out pipe. A total of 107 houses were disconnected. Three teams of specialists eliminated the gust for several hours.

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