Kurgan recruits are sent to serve in the Airborne Forces and ground forces. Photo, video

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From Kurgan, young guys were sent to military service by conscription into the ground forces, logistics support of the RF Armed Forces, the Navy and the Airborne Forces. This was reported by a URA.RU correspondent from the place where the conscripts were sent.

“Today is a very exciting day for everyone when we send guys to military service. During their service, the guys have to comprehend and do a lot – hone their knowledge, perhaps acquire a new military specialty. This period is very significant in the life of every person. Ask your older relatives who served – they remember and honor their memories of service. We have always been and are proud that the Trans-Urals serve with dignity,” said Yuri Cherkashchenko, chairman of the regional branch of the All-Russian Organization of Veterans (Pensioners) of War, Labor, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The conscripts were also escorted by a representative of the local branch of the all-Russian public organization of veterans “Combat Brotherhood” Yuri Siyansky and the military commissar of the Kurgan region Sergei Duryagin. In total, approximately 20 people went to military service.

Previously, conscripts were sent from Kurgan to the aerospace forces. Military Commissioner of the Kurgan Region Airat Zaripov noted that “all the guys from the region serve with dignity.” The first recruits were escorted by the chairman of the regional organization of Muslims, Imam Ziedali Mizrobov.

Sending recruits to the army.  Mound
Recruits will be sent to serve in the Airborne Forces, Navy, logistics and ground forces
Sending recruits to the army.  Mound
The conscripts were conducted by Yuri Cherkashchenko and Yuri Siyansky
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