Kurgan people stand in line for hours for cheap jeans. Video

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In the center of Kurgan along Kolya Myagotina Street, long queues lined up for a clothing store. Citizens stand for an hour to buy cheap jeans. This is reported by the correspondent of URA.RU from the scene.

“In Kurgan, long queues lined up at the clothing store near the monument to Kolya Myagotin. The reason for the high excitement was the low price of jeans, which are sold for 500 rubles. Many of the residents came long before the opening, but even they have to stand in line for 40-50 minutes, ”a URA.RU correspondent reports. There were about 20 people in line for jeans. Basically, women came to buy profitably.

There were so many people who wanted to buy clothes that people were allowed into the store only in small groups of five people. They don’t let you skip the line, they block the way. “This is not a clinic. Come in just to ask, they won’t let you through. We understand that men buy quickly, but we will not let anyone go ahead. I will fight not for life, but to the death. What if you take my jeans for yourself, ”said one of the customers. However, getting into the store without it was not so easy. Employees are locked until one batch of buyers is purchased and leaves.

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