Kurgan fighter of PMC “Wagner” told how NATO assault rifles are useful

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

An employee of the Wagner PMC from Kurgan told how NATO assault rifles captured from Ukrainian Armed Forces mercenaries in the special operation zone in Ukraine were useful. According to the fighter, they were used to save their ammunition. The serviceman reported this to a URA.RU correspondent.

“During the assault, they took NATO machine guns from Ukrainian Armed Forces mercenaries. During battles they were used to save their ammunition. I shot it a little until it was empty, then threw it away. In general, I always tried to have two machine guns with me,” said the Kurgan resident.

The fighter also noted that during the battles they took Kevlar body armor and helmets from NATO equipment. In addition, thermal imagers and optics were useful trophies.

Earlier, the Kurgan fighter spoke about the system of fines at the Wagner PMC. According to him, up to 250 thousand rubles were deducted from the mercenaries for lost equipment and weapons. The “Wagnerite” also informed URA.RU about strict procedures when taking trophies. According to the serviceman, company members were not allowed to take other people’s loot. It was also reported that against the backdrop of tightening recruitment into the Wagner PMC, former mercenaries began to be recruited into the Russian Guard.


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