Kurgan doctors will fight staff shortages using the method of colleagues from Orenburg

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In the Kurgan region they plan to implement a targeted program “Paramedic Assistant”, which is aimed at combating the shortage of personnel. Nine districts will become pilot sites, explained the director of the regional health department, Alexey Sigidaev. This practice is already being used in Orenburg, where a Kurgan delegation of doctors went to exchange experience.

“Based on the results of a business trip to the Orenburg region <…>. Nine municipal districts were included in the pilot project: Shumikhinsky, Almenevsky, Kargapolsky, Shatrovsky, Chastoozersky, Petukhovsky, Makushinsky, Belozersky and Vargashinsky. In the near future, after finalizing the plan, a call for applications for the vacancy “Assistant Paramedic” will be announced,” Alexey Sigidaev wrote on his page on the VKontakte social network.

The essence of the program is to cope with the shortage of health workers and provide residents of small settlements with the necessary specialists. Employees will be trained remotely; the program will last two months. At the end of the course, students will be issued a certificate “Junior Nursing Nurse”. You will not have to pay for training; medical organizations will cover the costs.

Previously, Sigidaev promised to hire doctors in large cities to conduct on-site examinations of children. The problem arose due to a shortage of pediatric orthodontists and dentists in the Kurgan region. He also accused the residents of the region of making out-of-town health workers want to leave the territory with their negative attitude.

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