Kurgan could not catch his parcel at the Post Office

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A resident of the Ketovsky district of the Kurgan region could not find his parcel in different branches of the Russian Post. The recipient wrote about the unpredictable movements of the parcel in the villages in the Kurgan public of the VKontakte social network.

“I received a notice to receive a parcel (cash on delivery). I come to the Kashirino post office, and she ends up in S. Polyana. We go there, they say to receive in Kashirino. We’re going back. It turns out that she will come only on Monday. Monday – Computer freezes. Come Wednesday. It turned out that she was being transported from Kurgan to S. Polyana, from S. Polyana back to Kurgan, ”the message posted in the Anonymous Kurgan group reads. The author notes that there is a problem with the delivery of printed publications to the village by subscription: not all issues arrive.

At the request of URA.RU, the press service of the Office of the Federal Postal Service for the Kurgan Region reported that the client had already received the parcel. “We apologize to him for the inconvenience caused. Now the inhabitants of the Kashirino is temporarily serviced by a traveling mobile brigade. Together with the district administration, we are looking for an employee for the vacancy of the head of the post office in this locality. After that, it will again serve customers according to the usual schedule, ”the agency explained.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that in the Kurgan region in 2022, six post offices will be repaired as part of the modernization program. In total, there are 472 post offices in the Kurgan region, of which 408 are located in rural areas.

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