Kurgan authorities have figured out how to speed up the construction of houses for fire victims. Video

The village of Logouska.  Kurgan, logoushka

To complete the construction of houses for fire victims in Logoushka, Ketovsky district, Kurgan region, the authorities decided to find subcontractors. Information about this was published by the press service of the regional government on the VKontakte social network.

“Deputy Governor Konstantin Ermakov came to Logushka on November 15. Together with the head of the Ketovsky district, Oleg Yazovskikh, he inspected houses that were not yet completed. In order for the work to move faster, after a meeting with the management of the contractor Aspect, a decision was made to involve subcontractors,” the post says.

According to the Yazovskys, as of mid-October, the construction of five houses for fire victims was completed in Logushka. In another ten houses, work was underway to install heating and water supply systems, and interior decoration was underway.


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