Kurgan authorities explained why they are selling kindergarten premises

Start of construction of a residential building on Koli Myagotina Street.  Mound, kindergarten, castle, fence

The Kurgan authorities plan to sell kindergarten premises in old residential buildings that are no longer in use and do not meet the new standards for preschool institutions. The proceeds from their sale will replenish the city budget and will be used to improve the lives of citizens. This was reported on the website of the Kurgan administration.

“The opening of new kindergartens made it possible to abandon the use of premises on the first floors of old residential buildings (Khrushchev-era buildings), which were used to ensure the availability of preschool education. In order not to burden the city budget with unnecessary expenses for their maintenance, the issue of including such premises in the municipal property privatization program for 2024 is being considered. Funds from their implementation will be used to fulfill socially significant obligations to city residents,” the press service of the mayor’s office reported.

The Kurgan administration noted that detached kindergarten buildings have a larger area, an area for walking and are much safer. In addition, a significant disadvantage of using premises in Khrushchev buildings was the presence of common communications and the supply of heat to the kindergarten was completely dependent on the readiness of the house. According to officials, it is planned to include built-in non-residential premises of former kindergartens at ul. Pichugina, 26, st. Proletarskaya, 67 and st. K. Myagotina, 130.

Over the past three years, five new comfortable and kindergartens have been built in Kurgan. They are located in the Zaozerny microdistrict, on Solnechny Boulevard, as well as along Zaitseva and Urozhaynaya streets. In total, more than a thousand places have been created for children aged 3 to 7 years. Seats are also available for children aged 1.5 years and younger.

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