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Kudrin told Putin about the decrease in the independence of the regions


Russian President Vladimir Putin received in the Kremlin the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin with a report on the work of the control department. Mr. Kudrin told the head of state that in 2021, budget execution was the best in five years, but at the same time, violations were identified for 676 billion rubles. In his report, he noted that the Russian regions received support from the federal center during the pandemic, but paid for it with their independence.

“Over the past two years, when COVID began and when a new reconfiguration of national projects began, spending on the subjects of the Russian Federation, support for the subjects increased by one and a half or more, sometimes twice. And this transfer to the regions reached 3.7 trillion rubles in 2020 and 3.6 trillion rubles in 2021. That is, huge support for the regions,” Mr. Kudrin said (quoted from site Kremlin)

According to him, the funds were mainly allocated from the government’s reserve fund – the cabinet of ministers can dispose of them without changing the budget law. “At the same time, it turns out that all these expenses have a target character, they are, as it were, “colored” and, it seems, set up for a goal. Such subsidies, more precisely, targeted interbudgetary transfers, they have grown from 197 to 347 – 347 different subsidies,” Mr. Kudrin said.

For each such transfer, the head of the control agency said, the government concludes an agreement with the region receiving the funds. And here the Accounts Chamber notes “a decrease in the independence of the subject”, as the amount of “colored, targeted” support increases. “And also the subject must add its own resources, which are limited,” Mr. Kudrin explained.

“We just pay attention to the need to balance a little bit. If earlier unpainted funds that the subject can use within the framework of his powers were about 50% of all support, now it is 28%,” he specified.

Vladimir Putin replied to Mr. Kudrin: “But the entities’ own capabilities are growing, their incomes are growing.” “Yes, their incomes are growing, this is fair. But we are just saying that, okay, we even see the possibility of maintaining a “colored” and targeted character, but maybe a few subsidies – maybe they can be combined and make more aggregated final indicators for the subject, ”Mr. Kudrin replied.

According to him, as a solution, you can raise the “share of uncolored resources.” “This would allow the governors to respond more clearly to the problems that arise in the subject, which are not always visible from above,” Mr. Kudrin said.

During the report, he also said that “the government for the first time in five years has implemented the budget for the first time by 97.5% (the highest percentage of expenditure implementation)”. However, violations worth 676 billion rubles were found, most of which were corrected during the audit, Mr. Kudrin said. According to him, the main shortcomings are the registration of property, constructed buildings. “It drags on, sometimes for months and even years, and we celebrate these things. The operation of buildings that have not yet been registered is beginning – this is a very common remark, ”said the head of the Accounting Board. According to the results of January-March, the federal budget was closed with a surplus of 1.15 trillion rubles. With revenues of 7.169 trillion rubles. expenses amounted to 6.018 trillion rubles.

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